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Publicado de en Productos · 11 Agosto 2019
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The idea to produce a brochure containing load indications has been taken up at the suggestion of our customers. Various tests have been carried out in our laboratories, the results of which are compiled and presented in this brochure.

However, we would like to point out that these indications are only valid for Rittal enclosure systems. In addition, the load values indicated are only valid in connection with the corresponding accompanying texts and diagrams.
All the subsequent indications given have to be understood as noncommittal technical descriptions. The indicated values cannot be guaranteed and we therefore do not assume any liability.

Rittal has the right to modify and enlarge this brochure, which corresponds to the most update state of our products but which can of course deviate from future versions. The forces used in this brochure are indicated in Newton. To facilitate understanding we include the conversion formula for kg which is given below.

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